Three deaf dog tricks which make your training easy (working fast)

Hey, are you owning a deaf dog?

In this article, I just want to talk about how to train a deaf dog?

How do I train my deaf dogAs an owner of the deaf dog to train him is very important. Because usually, the deaf dog world is very different from normal dogs. It might be a scary and strange world to him. He might have a lot of simulation going on his mind and nobody there to share with them. So that it is important to train your deaf dog. It’s made the strong bond between you and your dog. It might clear his scary things.

Let us see three deaf dog tricks which make your training session easy.

1. Get your dog attention

To train any dog, getting that dog’s attention is very important. For normal dogs, we can call their name as an attention grabber. But deaf dog we should do some other alternate way since they can not hear the sound. I recommend three ways of getting your dog attention.

  • Use laser light– Deaf dogs are more focused when compared to the normal dog to balance out their lack of hearing. You may use laser light to get their attention.
  • Stomp your feet on the ground to get your dog attention.
  • Use leash

The leash is such a great tool and it acts as an effective communicator between you and your dog. You can easily get your dog’s attention. As I already told in my another article getting your dog attention is very very important while you train your dog. As leash is an effective communicator, you can use it to train your dog for sit, come, stay etc…

2. Hand signals

As we are human beings we have the language to communicate with others by speaking. But the deaf dog can not hear the sound. So you need some way to tell your dog by what you want without sound. The way I recommend to training a deaf dog by hand signals. Every time you do hand signal for some command, do it along with the leash, for example, if I wanted the dog to sit, I would do an upward tug in the air as I gave the sit command. If I wanted the dog to lie down on command, I would use a downward hand signal as I accompany that with some leash work so that it makes sense to the dog what I’m trying to tell him.

3. Treats

To motivate your dog’s correct behavior, you should give the reward to your dog immediately. The reward can be anything that your dog like. For example, some dogs think tennis ball is their world. some other likes teether and etc…

So when you follow these three things while training your deaf dog, your training might be a breeze.