How to train a dog to lay down and stay? (Simple and fast method)

How to train a dog to lay down and stay?

Hey, did you imagine how well when your puppy will do whatever command you give to him? Is it very nice right?

Yes, I know, that is a sweet situation. Also, it makes the strong bond between you and your dog.

But, how do I train my dog to obey my commands?

Don’t worry it’s simple. Just give sugar coated commands to your puppy. He will like it.

Sugar coated commands? Don’t afraid let us see what it is.

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Top 3 basic commands to teach your dog

I would like to tell you about basic puppy commands and actions training. Obedience training is must do training for you and your puppy. So this article will let you know on the three basic commands

  • Sit
  • Lie down
  • Stay
At what age we teach commands to puppy?

While puppy reached seven weeks of age, he must be ready for learning something interesting. So start your training process as early your puppy become the right age. Make sure the training should be in the form of play.

How to get your dog to listen?

Maintaining a good relationship with your puppy is more important while you teach him. Before you start your command training, speak his name to get his attention. Once get his attention to speak a one-word command such as sit, come, go, stay etc… If you failed to get his attention while calling his name, your puppy will not respond to your other commands. Don’t get angry while teaching. Be calm and happy. There is the fastest way to teach your puppy’s name that gives him some award or reward every time you got his attention while calling his name.

What time of day is best to train a puppy?

Be sure your timing of the training should be when your puppy is in hungry, lonely or bored. When your puppy got everything he needed, then he wants to sleep so he will not obey your command. For example, start your training session before his meal time and provide the meal after the session over. In this way, you can grab his attention towards your training session.

What is the fastest way to teach my dog?

Always use the motivation and don’t make the negative encouragement. Encourage him when he has done the behaviors that what you expected by offering toys, food, etc… Each and every dog like different rewards. Some dogs may thing tennis ball is the best in the world, but some may thing biscuit is fine. Never punish your young puppy physically. If you do that your dog gets scared by both mentally and physically. Also when calling his name, he tries to avoid to come near you. Dogs can identify the feelings of the human. So be calm, happy and confident when you do training. Take a break when you get angry or frustrated with the training due to your puppy’s unsupportiveness. Actually, your puppy can sense your feeling and will start to obey your commands to make you happy.

How long does it take to train a dog basic commands?

All puppies are like young children. So while training you should treat them in a way how you treat the young children. Because they enjoy learning but have the short attention span. So your training session should short and frequent to prevent your dog from becoming bored. Have 10 to 15 mins session by two or three times a day would be fine.

How to teach a dog to get down and sit?

  • Just you sit on the ground while keeping your dog’s rope on left hand.
  • Hold your right hand high over his head with the treat in it.
  • Now your dog may look up the treat you have in your right hand.
  • Now use your left hand to guide your dog sit on the ground gently pushing his back.
  • And say clearly “SIT”. While telling that command keeps your right hand above his head.
  • When he sits on the ground, reward him with the treat you have.

How to teach a puppy to lay down?

  • Position your dog with sit, and make him know you have a treat for him.
  • Now slowly bring down your hand that you have the treat.
  • While you bring down your hand make sure your dog nose also come down close to the ground.
  • When your dogs start to follow your hand direction, say gently “Lie Down”
  • Once he reached the floor fully, give him a treat.

How to teach a dog to stay?

  • Have your dog in sitting position.
  • Let him know you have the treat but don’t give it to him.
  • Stand in front of your dog and raise your hand gently with an open palm and say “Stay”.
  • So he’s trying to obey your command while looking your open palm.
  • Now go away slightly from your dog and say again “Stay”.
  • Always come back and reward your puppy if he follows instructions.

Finally, I’d like to tell about nutrition and its impacts on puppy training.

Good nutrition leads to a healthy dog with the higher quality of poop and more predictable and balanced behavior so he’s easier to train. Make sure your puppy is getting the well-balanced diet, that he needs for optimal development. I have given an external link which is well explained about dog nutrition


Hey, thanks to spending your valuable time to read my article about dog training. Hope you enjoyed. I would like to get your feedback about this topic. Please comment below.

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