Potty training for your puppy? Things to remember! (Actually working well)

While you do potty training your puppy, it may require more than a stack of old newspaper to clean your dog poop :). It means potty training is a very tough one. But if you have more patient, commitment and consistency this could be easy.

Today I want to discuss some of the important things we need to remember while doing potty training. For a successful potty training, belief and consistency are key. If you are more consistent, your puppy will learn very fast. Because the potty training can take more than a week sometimes little longer with puppies.

Four step towards your successful potty training are,

  1. To establish a routine
  2. To use the specific space
  3. Treat immediately for right behavior
  4. Supervision is more critical

To Establish a Routine

If you establish a routine by scheduling the tasks, puppies will do their best. Because it teaches them there are times to play, times to eat and of course times to potty. As a general rule of thumb, a small dog can control his bladder for maximum one hour when he is one month age. Also, he can control two hours when he is in two month age and so on… So if your puppy is only three months old, he can probably only hold it for about three hours, if not less. Just ensure your schedule of potty training might be after he wakes up, after playtime, after eat or drink. Why? because these are the times mostly they like to go. If you can not spend time with your puppy to make it as scheduled, don’t worry just hire a dog walker to maintain your puppy.

To use the specific space 

I suggest always use a specific and same bathroom for his potty training. While your puppy used that bathroom, just say gently “go potty”. It teaches your puppy to remind him what to do when you say this command again. Once gone, you should take him for a walk or play. So it teaches him before going to walk or play must go potty. Treat your puppy every time he has done his potty as you expected. But that treat should happen as soon as he done his potty before he goes back to other work.

Treat immediately for right behavior 

Don’t be lazy to rewarding your puppy for his correct behavior. At the same time don’t reward him when he is not doing anything correctly. Please remember, what you teach to your puppy, that will come out from your puppy. So make sure your teaching is perfect. So always take out your puppy after feeding, after or before play, walk etc…. Try to hide your puppy’s water dish before two and a half hour of his bedtime. so he won’t have more water and hold it overnight.

Supervision is more critical

Monitor your dog’s activity is more critical. Keep your puppy in small space within your eyesight. That will allow you to monitor your dog’s activities. Dogs can react with some signs when they are in need to eliminate. Those signs such as, scratching the floor or door, barking, squatting, sniffing or circling. If you don’t have time to monitor your puppy, hire a dog walker to do that.

and Finally,

If you maintain a consistent schedule, your puppy can be trained by the time of his 5 month age. If your puppy not learned as you expected or has an occasional accident, don’t discourage him. So many factors can contribute to a long period of training such as the breed of dog, consistency, etc… If you feel there is no progress after you maintain good consistency, consult your doctor to make sure that a medical issue, such as bladder infection or some other things is not the culprit.

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